terça-feira, 1 de agosto de 2017

19 [nineteen] In the kitchen

19 [nineteen] In the kitchen

Do you have a new kitchen?
What do you want to cook today?
Do you cook on an electric or a gas stove?
Shall I cut the onions? 
Shall I peel the potatoes?
Shall I rinse the lettuce?
Where are the glasses?
Where are the dishes?
Where is the cutlery / silverware (am.)?
Do you have a can opener?
Do you have a bottle opener?
Do you have a corkscrew?
Are you cooking the soup in this pot? 
Are you frying the fish in this pan?
Are you grilling the vegetables on this grill?
I am setting the table.
Here are the knives, the forks and the spoons.
Here are the glasses, the plates and the napkins.

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